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United Tech is a Ukrainian company based primarily in Kyiv, the capital.

On February 24th at 5:00 Kyiv time, Russia has attacked our country and started a war on our territory.

In these darkest days, we feel our national identity and strength more clearly than ever, and it has always been so immense that helped our talented people at United Tech create social networking products that today are becoming more popular across the target market.

Our mission has always been to connect people all over the world. Now more than ever, we need to spread that light as far and wide as possible. Ukraine needs your support in the name of peace. Together we can stop the Russian aggression, so we ask you to declare your support — #StandWithUkraine and spread awareness internationally.

Here’s how you can help

Donate to the Ukraine Armed Forces

Donate to the Ukrainian Army

Donate humanitarian help

What United Tech is doing

Supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by supporting the 1st Tank Brigade. Also our efforts include purchasing drones, Starlinks, power banks, boots, gloves, medical supplies, unloading equipment, sleeping bags, and food provisions. In addition, we organize charity fundraisers.

Humanitarian aid

We are committed to humanitarian initiatives and support organizations such as the “Caritas-Kyiv” charitable foundation, which strives to provide help and support to those in need.

Supporting our colleagues

We retain jobs and compensation for our specialists who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our team is staying calm, strong, and optimistic for a peaceful future of our independent country.

Glory to Ukraine!