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Management / Remote / Full-time

Chief Product Officer

Our ideal candidate is a product manager with successful experience in the Dating or Streaming industry who wants to impact the company's bottom line and achieve market leadership for our product.

Who is the CPO at United Tech?

This is someone who is entirely responsible for the user experience. We have improvements that work through a good understanding of the Customer Journey Map. We don’t run A/B tests in the style of changing the color of a button. Our A/B tests are an alternative scoring system to match users with each other, a completely changed UX/UI app layout, and sometimes testing new business models within an existing product

Unlike some other companies in the market, where CPO is most often a limited role, with us, your area of responsibility will be managing development, streamers, analytics, and marketing. You’ll have to manage a team of more than 40 people. At the same time, we expect you to work with your hands occasionally — personally checking tasks, the logic of successfully developed product features, making final decisions on running A/B tests, and checking customer support tickets to stay in touch with what’s going on with the product

Your challenges for the first three months:

  • Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the current product vision
  • Building a strong product team
  • Building business processes in the product direction: steps the team goes through when working on a project; methodology everyone uses; release rules, etc.
  • Allocation of product responsibility areas between the formed team, creation of a KPI system for the team, description of business processes within the team
  • Organization of cross-team strategic sessions around the product

About your key responsibilities and impact:

  • Tell us what we need to do
  • Directly participate in the product's revenue growth to $5 mln per month by the end of 2022
  • Increase user LTV by 50% without losing margins
  • Ensure a high percentage of hitting product team plans by improving the quality of planning and managing processes internally.

About you and your background:

  • Involvement in any product development with high retention
  • At least 3 years of experience as a product manager/CPO
  • International experience in the dating or streaming industry
  • Working in the management of an online product that is still living and growing (and you've been involved)
  • Working in the unit economy and being able to develop a product within it
  • Managing projects, budgets, and people
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English or higher

What personal and professional qualities will help you:

  • Business-oriented: the ability to select projects based on business needs. Count the ROI of your teams and focus only on what matters
  • High-quality standards: set for yourself, your team, and the product you are responsible for
  • Analytical skills: the ability to structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and make decisions based on it
  • Strong management skills: planning, commitments, and KPIs are not empty words for you but the basis for team management
  • Proactivity: to act independently, to propose new ideas to the company
  • Creativity: Create the best solutions for the product, applying external expertise and creating your own from scratch
  • Self-confidence: to do what is right, not what is profitable; to express oneself clearly and unambiguously
  • Commitment: keep your word to team members and senior management

What we offer:

  • Top rated products. Our products are reaching top positions in their categories on App Store and Google Play. 96 million people around the world use it
  • Remote or hybrid work model. It’s completely up to you to decide whether you want to work. You can mix it up, work remotely or in the office
  • Professional and personal growth. Regular performance reviews, English classes, education compensation, access to a corporate library, freedom of suggesting ideas for improvements and action, flexibility
  • Comfortable working conditions. A competitive salary with regular raises, 20 paid vacation days, along with 11 paid UA holidays, 15 days of paid sick leave, a flexible schedule, modern equipment of your choice, and up-to-date tools
  • Great benefits and relocation support. 100% coverage of the medical insurance, corporate events, stylish merch, full financial and legal support, relocation package
  • Highly skilled and friendly team. Work in a great area of a mature team and cooperation with experts in the social networking niche

Hiring process:

  • Intro call with a Recruiter
  • Interview with CEO
  • Bar Raising
  • Offer

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